Ballistics IQ

Ballistics IQ

You have a team of experts behind you to examine ballistic evidence and find potential links within minutes. The days of waiting weeks or months for results are over! Utilizing our proprietary image analysis and Virtual Correlation Center, Ballistics IQ produces actionable intelligence by comparing fired cartridge cases and identifying potential links between shooting incidents in no time… even while still at the crime scene.

  • Document all phases of exhibit examination/analysis
  • Identify the unique number of firearms and, at times, specific firearm manufacturers
  • Compare scene and known firearm (test fires) cartridge cases
  • Identify suitable candidates for NIBIN imaging
  • Connect separate shooting incidents

Ballistics IQ by the numbers

Ballistics IQ data captured since August 2019

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Crime Scene Analysis Reports
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Cartridge Cases Entered
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Average Turnaround Time
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Unique Firearms Used
Potential Links Established

Utilizing Ballistics IQ begins with comprehensive collection of all Fired Cartridge Cases (FCC) at a shooting incident. Within seconds, an agency can scan evidence and test fired cartridge cases into the system, our software will group (triage) the cartridge cases by firearm, identify a suitable candidate for NIBIN, and our VCC Firearm Examiners will perform a search within the database for potential links to other shooting incidents. Ballistics IQ provides a unique solution to combating gun crime. 

  • Reduce and eliminate ballistics evidence backlogs in laboratories and NIBIN Sites
  • Allow agencies to implement comprehensive collection and analysis of ALL recovered cartridge cases
  • Documentation of Triage
  • Global sharing, affordable and scalable
  • Expert Image Analysis review by Evidence IQ Senior Firearm Examiners in virtual environment
Agencies will collect fired cartridge casings from a crime scene or test fired from a collected firearm and utilizing our proprietary software, scan the images either on-scene or at home base with our capture tool hardware.  Each scan takes appropriately 30 seconds and is uploaded to our national servers. Actionable Intelligence is returned to investigators within 24 hours from our Virtual Correlation Center (VCC) which is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by Senior Firearm and Toolmark Examiners.
“It’s like we have firearms examiners on staff that we would never have had the resources to hire.”
Law enforcement agency

Crime Scene Analysis Report

  • Timely, critical information for interrogations and early investigative leads
  • Real-time information to advance prioritization of potentially connected cases

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