Evidence IQ is a premier global forensic identification and evaluation company serving all local, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.


Ballistics IQ™, produced by Evidence IQ, is the only automated ballistics imaging triage solution enabling immediate scanning of ballistics evidence, providing law enforcement with real-time unbiased forensic-based intelligence on gun crimes. Ballistics IQ supports the ATF’s NIBIN and CGIC (Crime Gun Intelligence Center) initiatives to fight gun violence. 

Our mission is to deliver rapid crime gun intelligence to help law enforcement close cases, faster. Ballistics IQ produces actionable intelligence by triaging evidentiary Fired Cartridge Cases (FCC). Ballistics IQ utilizes proprietary software that identifies how many firearms were used from the submitted FCCs and identifies the best candidate for entry into NIBIN. 

Meet Our Leadership

Stephanie Luehr

Senior Forensic Firearms Examiner, Manager at Ballistics IQ Virtual Correlation Center

Years of experience:

Rocky Edwards

R&D Manager, Senior Forensic Firearms Examiner

Years of experience:

Donald Soranno

Senior Product Manager/Subject Matter Expert

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