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The only automated ballistics imaging triage solution, enabling immediate scanning of firearms evidence.

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A premier global forensic identification and evaluation company serving all local, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

Our mission is to deliver rapid crime gun intelligence to help law enforcement close cases, faster. Ballistics IQ produces actionable intelligence by triaging evidentiary Fired Cartridge Cases (FCC). Ballistics IQ utilizes proprietary software that identifies how many firearms were used from the submitted FCCs and identifies the best candidate for entry into NIBIN.

Ballistics IQ™, produced by Evidence IQ, is the only automated ballistics imaging triage solution enabling immediate scanning of ballistics evidence, providing law enforcement with real-time unbiased forensic-based intelligence on gun crimes. Ballistics IQ supports the ATF’s NIBIN and CGIC (Crime Gun Intelligence Center) initiatives to fight gun violence.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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The BIQ solution complements and accelerates the process of submitting NIBIN entries for law enforcement agencies:

  • BIQ includes a portable, cost-effective scanning technology that triages fired cartridge cases on the scene or at the station and investigators will recieve a Crime Scene Analysis (CSA) Triage report
  • Determine the best cases for NIBIN entry to allow for faster entry of your evidence into the system
  • Receive immediate intelligence that identifies of the number of guns used in yoru incident 
  • Submit yoru CSA for Rapid Ballistics to determine if your current shooting incident is linked to others in the BIQ system

Yes! Our solution includes complete, easy-to-learn on-line skills training. And, you don’t have to be a firearm examiner or have previous firearms experience to use it. Entire teams tell us how easy it is to use once they have been walked through the process in training.

Our device is portable – bring it with your laptop in the field to scan and receive reports on the scene or keep it at your station. You just need an internet connected computer with the BIQ application installed.

No, we have package solutions that work for districts of all sizes. In fact, we service agencies with jurisdiction populations as low as 1500 people.

Yes, the Evidence IQ team can help you navigate the approval process and to secure funding. Ask your sales rep for additional details.


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"You will have a crime scene analysis (CSA) report in your email inbox before you get back to the station house."

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"Our case was going to Federal Court and the turnaround time from Evidence IQ was amazing."

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Evidence IQ provides Forensics as a Service with the only automated triage solution in the marketplace, Ballistics IQ™. We work with top experts in law enforcement to protect communities by streamlining the triage process following gun crimes.

At Evidence IQ, we value any partnerships that will advance law enforcement’s ability to serve and protect the public. We are proud to work with organizations with the same mission and provide complementary solutions to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. While we each serve law enforcement differently, Evidence IQ believes it is important to partner and collectively support agencies and the common good. It’s about saving – and protecting – lives.

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