Ballistics IQ

You need crime gun intelligence now when conducting firearms-related investigations. Ballistics IQ is the first and ONLY automated and PATENTED triage solution on the market, providing instant crime gun intel.

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Ballistics IQ (BIQ)

Instant Crime Gun Intel
Time is of the essence when conducting firearms-related investigations and Ballistics IQ can drastically increase efficiency. Immediately following an incident, scan cartridge cases with the portable BIQ scanning device and upload to the BIQ investigative portal. Within minutes, you will receive a Crime Scene Analysis Triage report. The report groups the case(s) by number of unique firearms involved and identifies the best cartridge case(s) for entry into NIBIN. This is instant, actionable intel.
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Portable Image Capture Station

  • Compact, portable scanning device
  • Capture cartridge cases
  • Connects to your computer via USB port
  • Instant results
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Ballistics IQ Software

  • Actionable intelligence now
  • Use with NIBIN to streamline your investigations
  • Use with any internet-connected computer
  • You own the images
  • Save time and money
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Crime Scene Analysis Report

  • Minimum number of firearms involved
  • Best cartridge case(s) to submit to NIBIN
  • Actionable intel for Investigators