The use of BallisticsIQ in an academic setting is an exciting opportunity for would-be firearm examiners. The application of BallisticsIQ in the college setting is perfect for students from those pursuing an A.S. to those seeking their PhD.

Ballistics IQ is a perfect format to train students in the forensics or criminal justice discipline how to accurately triage fired cartridge cases. The system even incorporates a virtual comparison microscope that can be utilized to show the students how to perform a side-by-side comparison of two cartridge cases and look for areas of agreement. Since this virtual comparison microscope is web-based and can be accessed by the students from any computer, they are not restricted to performing case work/assignments on-campus. This allows the access of the system to a greater number of students/faculty at the same time

Evidence IQ and Loyola University Maryland's Master of Forensics Pattern Analysis Program Announce Innovative Partnership

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