Rapid Ballistics

Agencies need actionable intelligence regarding the fired cartridge case (FCC) and firearms they recover from crime scenes. With Rapid Ballistics investigators will get the intelligence they need in near real-time. Each new agency receives a block of Ten (10) Rapid Ballistics cases with additional available for purchase depending on proposed utilization.

Step One

Step One
Submit CSA Report

  • Send CSA Report to Quality Assurance Team for review.
Step Two

Step Two
Reviewed by Firearms Examiner

  • Firearms Examiners will search submitted FCCs for Potential Links to other shooting incidents within the BIQ system.
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Step Three
QA Review Crime Scene Analysis Triage Report

Receive a QA approved report Identifying:

  • Results of Potential Link Search
    - Even notified if no links found
  • Possibly identify manufacturer of firearm(s)
  • If a link to another shooting is found, receive a Potential Link Report.
  • Average response time – under 4 hours