Matthew Brady, Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Brady
Chief Executive Officer

Your community is our community.

For many of us the issue of gun crime is top of mind every single day. At Evidence IQ, we believe it is imperative to reduce gun crime in order to create a safer, healthier world for our children, friends and family.

Our mission is to partner with law enforcement agencies in the US and around the world, giving them timely intelligence to accelerate the reduction of gun crimes in their communities.

Evidence IQ offers the only automated ballistics evidence triage technology, providing quick access to crime gun intelligence while streamlining evidence submission to NIBIN. Our team of expert law enforcement veterans come from some of the best agencies across America, including the ATF and its national Crime Gun Intelligence Center, NIBIN programs, the FBI, and more. We are passionate, dedicated, and committed to making sure our clients and the communities they serve are empowered to make real change in the battle against gun crime.

We’d like to hear about the specific issues you are facing in solving gun crimes in your community and discuss how Evidence IQ can help. Together, we can make our communities safer.